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  • USDF National Horse the of the Year Awards

    Posted on October 2, 2013 by in Awards
    USDF National Horse the of the Year
    Jessica Zoskey & Dansant
    HOY 4th LL Musical Freestyle – RESERVE CHAMPION  72.00%
    American Hannoverian Society –  CHAMPION – 4th LL musical freestyle   72.00%
    HOY 4th 3rd LL MF 71.933%
    CHAMPION American Hanoverian Society  3rd LL MF 71.933%
    Champion – 3rd LL Silver Stirrup Award (Bred in USA)2011
    Jessica Zoskey & Dexter S

    Kathy Rowse and “Basie”
    HOY:  4th  Vintage Cup PSG
    HOY All Breeds Swedish WB Society – Champion PSG
    Champion Vintage Cup PSG
    HOY All Breeds:  Swedish WB Assoc
    Res Champ:   PSG Open
    Vintage Cup Awrd 5th  64,875
    All Breeds – Swedish Warmblood Assoc:
    RES Champion  Musical Freestyle    63.975
    RES Champion 4th Level Open   64.875
    CHAMPION 4th LL Vintage Cup  64,875
    HOY 33rd place 2nd LL 66.95
    HOY 9th Place Musical Freestyle 3rd LL  70.313
    HOY Vintage Cup  7th Place 2nd LL  66.95
    All Breeds – Swedish Warmblood Assoc:
    CHAMPION 3rd LL Musical Freestyle  70.313
    RES Champion 2nd LL Open  66.95
    CHAMPION 2nd LL Vintage Cup  66.95
    Patti Farless & Jim Koford with Siam
    Patti & Siam – HOY Holsteiner Champion at 1st LL AA
    HOY Holsteiner All Breeds:    4th Place in TL
    Jim Koford and “Kostolan”   Westfalen Horse Association:
    RES CHAMP  Grand Prix   62.29%
    Jim Koford & Janice Mumfords ‘Tyberuis”
    2005 8th Place USDF Horse of the Year – Training LL
    Kathy Rowse and Rowena
    29th place USDF HOY at 4th LL   64.891%
    Res Champ – KWPN  64.891% 4th LL
    Res Champ KWPN – 3rd LL freestyle
    Res Champ KWPN – 2nd LL – 66.62%
    37th place HOY 1st LL – 69.70%
    32rd place HOY 2nd LL- – 66/62%
    Jessica Zoskey & FA PAtriot
    ALL BREEDS AWARDS – Arabian Horse Assoc:
    CHAMPION 4th LL JR/ YR   63.668
    Res CHAMP PSG JR/YR   61.250
    Res CHAMP 4th LL OPEN  62.438
    Res CHAMP PSG Open  63.668
    RES CHAMP Musical Freestyle   62.438
    3rd Place 1/2 Arab Arabian Horse Assoc – 1st Level
    4th Place  1/2 Arab  ARbian Horse Assoc – 2nd Level
    Laura Croxton & Bingo Helen
    ALL BREEDS: Thoroughbred Sport Horses
    CHAMPION 1st LL Open  61.29
    CHAMPION 1st LL AA   61.29
    Chelsea Allen and Don’t Tell Daddy
    4th Place HOY 1st level Musical Freestyle  74.27%
    37th  1st levl JR/YR  64.57%
    8th Place HOY 2nd LL Musical Freestyle
    Kathy Rowse & Kameran Kedar
    2005 3rd Place Arabian Horse Assoc. – PSG

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