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Show Results 2016

Liliana Nabhan (JR) and Lauren Levy (AA) earned their USDF Bronze Medals at Dressage at Lexington!
CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!


Silverleaf Team Wing and A Prayer

Liliana Nabhan (Jr) on FA Patriot at 3rd LL

Lauren Levy (AA) on Ulstairs Bailey at 2nd and 3rd LL

Elisa Rodruigez on Boots at TL

4th Place team in the Sporting Horse Team Challenge

Liliana Nabhan (Jr) with FA Patriot

    Owned by Katie Lang

3rd 3:  63.846 2nd place Jr/yr

3rd 3: 63.462 1st place Jr/yr

3rd 3:   65.769 1st place Jr/yr

Sporting Horse Amateur Challenge 5th place third level

Liliana Nabhan (Jr) and Phantom Forecast

Dressage Seat Equitation:   78%   1st place

2nd  1L 61.970 first place Jr/yr

2nd 3:  64.634 first place Jr/yr

USDF Musical Freestyle  69%  first place Jr/yr

USDF Musical Freestyle:  58.144%  4th place

Lauren Levy and Altstairs Bailey

3rd LL 3 – 64.359, 1st

2nd LL 2- 61.22, 5th
2nd LL 3 – 66.098, 5th
3rd LL 3 – 62.308, 6th

Sporting Horse Amateur Challenge 8th Place at 2nd and 3rd LL

Kate Knick and Spydermann LA

(owned and bred by Liberty Farm, Bob and Mary Rombs)

3rd LL 3 –  68.846%   4th

3rd LL 3 – 62.821%  4th

2nd LL 3 – 72.683%  1st

2nd LL 3- 66.463%  3rd


Doswell 2016

Liliana Nabhan & Phantom Forecast:
Dressage Seat Equitation:   85%   1st
82%   1st
1st LL 3:       64%     1st Jr/Yr
1st LL 3         65%      1st Jr/Yr

Liliana Nabhan and FA Patriot
3rd LL 3        64%      1st Jr/yr
3rd LL 3        59%      1st Jr/Yr

Kate Knick and Baylissimo
Owner:   Brenda Stevens
1st 3    67.794%    2nd
2nd 3    66.585     1st
2nd 3      64.024    2nd
Kate Knick and Spyderman LA
Owners:    Liberty Farms/ Bob and Mary Rombs
2nd 3    65.366    2nd
3rd 3     67.179     1st
High Score 3rd Level

Erica Feiste, DVM and Joyful Hope
Materiale   71.2%

Willamston Spring Dressage 2016

Kate Knick and Spyderman LA

(Owned by Liberty Arabians – Bob and Mary Rombs)
2nd 3 – 70.610 1st
3rd 3 63.781 3rd
3rd 3 – 68.333 1st

Julie Shilling (AA) and Rough cut
-3rd 3 AA 61.795 place 2nd
3rd 3 r AA 66.154 place 1st
USDF Bronze Medal!

Katie Lang and FA Patriot
U-25 grand Prix 62.05% 1st Jr/Yr

Patti Farless and Siam
3rd 1 58%
3rd 3 60.15%


Williamston Spring Dressage
April 16-17 Williamston NC

Kate Knick
Baylissimo (owner Brenda Stevens)
2nd 3   64.393    3rd
2nd 3 69.391  1st

Julie Shilling (AA)
Rough Cut
3rd 3 61.288
3rd 3 68.462 2nd
Katie Lang
YR Grand Prix    55.349 1st
YR Grand Prix   52.674  1st

Kathy, Katie and blue MM

Katie and blue MM

RC headshot